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About Hermeneutics Course's DVD's
The attractive sturdy container holds the Hermeneutics course's DVD's plus a CD of the full Workbook for the Course and specific Instructions, Warranty and frequently asked questions regarding the playing of your DVD's. Also there is tech support available for contact through this website or by calling 225.205.4473.

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth- 2 Timothy 2:15
Understanding Scripture, the key from the Apostle Paul
"Understanding What the Bible Means by What it says". This Hermeneutics Course of 27-one hour long DVDs is a user friendly study tool that brings the seminary classroom into your personal study, or your group or church study for personal enrichment. It is also a perfect tool for training church elders and deacons in understanding and application of God's Word. Dr. Earl D. Radmacher, noted Bible scholar, author, teacher and President of Grace Seminary of the Northwest, teaches the consistent and literal interpretation approach using rules of communication or "hermeneutical principles" for the understanding of the Author's intended meaning from His Scriptures. (Workbook on CD is also provided.)

Dr. Nick Kalivoda, Bible Teacher, says "This DVD course is the most valuable seminary course I have encountered, and I wish I had been exposed to it 50 years ago. More than any other, this course has taught me how to interpret the Bible with a greater degree of accuracy. No one ought to teach a Sunday school class without first studying these easily understood principles of Bible interpretation."

The Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. says "For over ten years we have been blessed to conduct public classes on the Bible for laymen and ministers using video tapes. The most popular course by far has been the Hermeneutics Course taught by Dr. Earl D. Radmacher. This is foundational for Bible interpretation. We are most fortunate to produce this great learning and study tool on DVD for personal, group and church use. This course has truly blessed many in their continuing process of growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus.

All the Bible is for us, but not all the Bible is to us!

LAMB Ministries Upate
"But, as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name." John 1:12

Age, 15
February 6, 2010

I knew Charles. I knew him before I ever met him. He was in my friend's class at the Charter School in the City That Care Forgot. He was a ninth grader. He was fifteen.

I had been praying for Charles for several months. Every time I drove past the school where my friend taught him. I asked her which children I should pray for by name. She said, "Charles". "Just pray for Charles."

Last Sunday Yolanda said, "Mrs. Libba, will you pick up my friend for Church this morning?" We picked him up in Holly Grove, on the corner, near his house. He was Charles. He told us that it was the first time he had ever come to Church. Any Church.

The Preacher taught on the nineteenth Chapter of Revelation. Charles sat next to Yolanda, Virginia Virginia and Treachelle. I sat next to Charles. He listened.

On the way home a man cursed us from the car behind. He raged at us. I said, "Charles, if that man were to shoot you dead do you know whether or not you would go to Heaven?" He answered, "Yes." "What would you say to Jesus Christ, Charles, if He asked you, "Why should I let you into my Heaven?"

Charles didn't know how to go to Heaven. He thought he just needed to be good enough and that he would get in. There was only one problem? He wasn't good enough. Nobody is. Charles had sin. We all do.

We told Charles that day that Jesus was the only one who was good. Jesus was perfect. He never sinned, because Jesus is God. And yet, Jesus Christ, God the Son, let wicked men take Him, beat Him and then nail Him to the Cross, where He died. We told Charles that Jesus died to pay the full penalty for all of Charles' own sins, that He died for the sins of the whole world. And we told him that when Jesus finished paying for all sin, for all people, for all time, he came back alive again. Jesus rose from the dead, proving that He beat sin, He beat death, He beat hell and He beat the devil -- for Charles -- and for the whole world. We told him that the Bible promised him that if he would believe that, if he would trust that Jesus paid for his sins and rose from the dead, that God would wash away all of his sins and make him a part of His Forever Family and guarantee him Heaven. We told him to "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and" he would be saved (Acts 16:31). And we told him that John 1:12 promises that "…for as many as received Him, to them gave He the power to become the sons of God, even to those that believe on His name."

Charles believed. He believed God. He trusted Jesus Christ as his only Lord and Savior. And last Sunday, near his house, Charles was saved forever.

Hebrews 13:5 says that when you are His child, God will never leave you nor forsake you. I read this verse to Charles. Then I asked him to hold up his hand, like this and say it himself, "Jesus never will leave me". Charles pointed to himself as he repeated "Jesus never will leave…CHARLES." Tears filled his eyes. I handed him a little Gideon Bible and he walked away. A child of God, forever.

Five days later, this past Friday, at 6:30 am Charles was found dead at his bus stop. He was shot to death. He fell at the same corner where we had dropped him off, near his house. Charles fell asleep and when he woke up, he was in the presence of God the Son, his only Savior.

Libba McEnery
LAMB Ministries, New Orleans

Tavist and Kurt
Wednesday night dinner and Bible Study, and we're together again. It has been fourteen years now and we're together again. Every week we are a kid or two different. Or an adult or two different. But, still, we're together again. There have been many of us. Far too many to count. But no one of us is ever forgotten. And we're missed when we are not around for awhile. Like Mr. Hy. He is greatly missed. And we never cease telling the Lord how very much we miss him. But he will return and be with us again. Please pray for him. Pray for all of our brave heroes who are laying their lives down that America can be free.

Kenny was gone for awhile, again. Now he has returned to us. He is wounded. He is down. Please pray for Kenny. Pray for Abrieal. She is gone now. And pray for Clifford. Toi is strong. And so is Q. And so is Treachelle. Teriyona is thriving. Her second baby boy, Ethan, is due any day. Little Earl is a joy. Albert and Marcus are always with us. OJ has come back. Mario, Lorenzo and Mahni are always with us. Zo and Mahni have jobs now. Mr. Sam is our late night driver, encourager and gentle teacher. He brings Mr. Wendell, our prayer warrior. Mr. Mark is a teacher. He teaches us about Israel and about the greatness of the King James Bible. Tyrus and Kayla are missing. Daniel has a job on Wednesdays. Derek is in recovery. We miss Teron.

This Wednesday a new boy came to the Bible Study. Tavist came with Ya Ya and with his cousin, Jessica. And Kurt came too, with Terence. But he had been with us once before. When he came before there was a vale between us and Kurt. He wasn't ready for Truth.

Yolanda came. So we talked about Charles. Yolanda cried. We all prayed for her. And we prayed for Charles' family. We read the story about Charles and about how he trusted Jesus Christ, God the Son, as his personal Savior on that Sunday, only a few weeks ago. And how he cried when he believed that Jesus died for him. And how he took the little Bible and then walked into his house with it. And then we read about how he died so suddenly, and so violently, only five days later at his morning bus stop before school. He was with his Savior before he ever knew that he had died. He was fifteen.

Tavist is sixteen. Kurt is eighteen. They both listened when we told about Charles and when we comforted Yolanda. And when we comforted her sisters, Virginia, Alexis and Shante.

Tavist and Kurt trusted Jesus Christ last night, Wednesday, February 24, 2010. They were both born again. They have everlasting life now. Like Charles. He led them to Christ. Charles led them because of his death. He led them because of his life.

Another Wednesday night Bible Study. There have been many.

Thank you for sending the Gospel to them through your prayers and through your support.

God bless,
Hy and Libba McEnery
LAMB Ministries, New Orleans

Cutting Edge Foundation Update

Dear friends in Christ,

As you all know, CEF is already international via our association with Baptist Mission Society UK (Drs Mark and Andrea Hotchkins' mission) but I was encouraged by the good relationship the Lord has given us with the Irish mission, Mission Africa. They support Dr Roy and Jane Jones who are already serving with us at the hospital in Chad. While I was in Chad a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of getting to fellowship with the Director of Mission Africa, Pastor Paul Baillie and council member, Simon Hamilton. There was a very good connection. Since that trip, our Irish friends have provided a $3000 solar unit to provide power for the two bedroom house the Jones rent from CEF ($500/mo). In addition, Mission Africa has made a gift of $3400 to CEF to help with hospital construction. As mentioned in Paul's email, Mission Africa will have two representatives at the hospital opening ceremony that is now planned for this September. Yes, the Lord is good and gave us patience and all we have needed over the years. We can get more excited now! As soon as the exact date of the hospital opening is known we will announce it. Debbie, my wife, and I plan to be there. We will turn the wards into temporary dorms, plus the private rooms will be available. For those who prefer, there are hotels a fifteen minute drive from the hospital with A-C and pool. Not cheap though at $150-200/night. The opening will be quite an affair as we allow our Chadian friends to guide us through it. A good Christian Chadian friend is now head of the state run TV station. Government dignitaries including the Minister of Health of Chad and possibly the President of Chad (as he has relatives in ZamZam's school), leaders of Exxon-Mobil, church leaders, missionaries, chiefs, etc. With the addition of the eight private rooms, the hospital will open with at least 40 beds. Our Chadian building team has almost completed the car-port and veranda for the two bedroom house and will now start on the covered sidewalks that will connect all the hospital buildings.

We will probably open the hospital without X-ray service but we will have ultrasound.

Good news from the Drs Hothkin in the UK is that Andrea is walking without crutches after her fall on ice which resulted in a fractured pelvis and ribs. The Hotchkins family will report to serve at the hospital in Chad next month.

We will then add Dr Bonte', Chadian lady MD, and Dr Michaela, from Germany, who is married to a Wycliffe translator. Then Ms Monk, nurse from England who is fluent in French, will join the team to help train the Chadian medical team.

Thus, it appears that, in His time and in His way, the Lord is providing an excellent team.

Only yesterday a brother contacted me in person here in SC and told me he would like to serve with us in Chad to supervise construction!

We have a great need for someone to do that and it appears that the Master Recruiter is at work.

March and April are very hot months at Guinebor ll. Please pray for our construction workers and our staff as they work in 114+ deg F weather. It is now dry heat but it will soon get muggy.

You CEF board members (or others) who plan to attend the opening ceremony, please me know.

May the Lord bless you all.

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