Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. is an independent ministry (service) of Christian laypersons supported by their unsolicited donations for the purposes:

  • of teaching and equipping Christians in the interpretation, understanding and/or application of God's Holy revelations found in His Holy Scriptures, the Bible;
  • of teaching the need and the art of evangelism from the Holy Scriptures, i.e. the defining and teaching the gospel of GRACE in Christ Jesus by faith alone;
  • of providing a locally based meeting and fellowship for those who have a keen interest in the study of the Holy Scriptures;
  • as a steward of the givings to RBC to invest and provide financial assistance to those suffering need spiritually and physically through other established and proven Christian ministries.
RBC is a not- for-profit corporate organization located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; it was duly created under the laws of the State of Louisiana in 1986 and remains in good standing under these laws. RBC is administered by an independent Board of Directors and their selected Officers; its operations function totally with volunteers; there are no paid employees, etc. All officers, directors and other volunteers in this ministry (service) choose to serve without pay or any other financial remuneration or benefits. RBC makes no solicitations for funds and is totally supported by friends, class members, listeners and bequeaths. All gifts to the RBC are tax deductible.

THE BEGINNING History - Dr. Nick Kalivoda (1922-2013) is the founder of this independent Bible teaching and equipping ministry located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It began with members of Dr. Kalivoda's local church Bible class suggesting that his clear teachings would benefit others beyond the class. With their voluntary and unsolicited financial support for the costs for its initial 15- minute radio broadcasting of expository teaching of the New Testament the seeds of Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. were sown and it grew. The radio portion of Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. reached central Louisiana, New Orleans and other areas along the Gulf Coast, Texas to Florida and is now on Internet broadcasting.

The teaching portion of Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. began with Dr. Kalivoda in 1976, when he began offering to the Baton Rouge community at large courses on the Bible and Bible Archeology through the Louisiana State University Division of Continuing Education. Upon his retirement from the University and upon the official formation of the Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. in 1986, these popular courses and the attendees coupled with the continuing radio ministry teachings became the core of what is the Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. teaching and equipping ministry.

Later, as blessed with continuing unsolicited givings, RBC began to financially support other proven and matured ministries which championed evangelism, growth in THE FAITH, and care for the physical as well as spiritual needs others especially those believers around the world who suffer for their faith in the risen Christ.

TODAY - The RBC service continues Dr. Kalivoda's vision and commitment in preparing lay men and women for ministry (service) in evangelism, personal growth Bible study, and expository/topical teaching, using a verse by verse contextual (historical and grammatical) method. In addition to the radio broadcasts , RBC has been led over the years to develop materials, teaching resources and service activities. THANKS TO THE KALIVODA FAMILY THESE MATERIALS HAVE BEEN DIGITIZED AND ARE MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS WEB SITE FOR FREE PERSONAL USE, STUDY GROUPS AND PRESENTATIONS; HOWEVER, ALL FREE MATERIALS OFFERED BY RBC, INCLUDING THOSE IN PRINT, DVD, MP3 RECORDINGS, CASSETTE TAPES OR AUDIO BOOKS, CANNOT BE COPIED FOR SALE OR RE-SALE WITHOUT THE EXPRESS AND WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE RADIO BIBLE COURSES, LTD. HEREIN AFTER REFERRED TO AS "THE RESTRICTIONS".

  • Printed booklets, "GRACE" and "Heaven's Password"; FREE- which can be downloads or the booklets maybe provided by U.S. Mail with a minimal postage charge in limited amounts subject to "the restrictions above;
  • Expository teachings and certain topical matter teachings which are available for FREE MP3 downloads;
  • Most of the audio courses listed on this web site are verse-by-verse exposition from the Bible and were produced to help believers understand the Word of God. Biblical words, as noted are defined; context is emphasized in interpretation; and necessary historical and cultural background is supplied. These are also available from the listings in MP3 downloadable format FREE (subject to the restrictions above regarding no sale or re-sale of materials).
  • the same FREE MP3 materials noted above may are be available on cassette tapes and/or CDs upon request. Quality audio cassette tapes or DVD/CD format, 45 minutes on each side, for the same materials are available upon ORDER. These cassette Courses come in an attractive vinyl album for easy storage on a bookshelf. (Prices include the album and tax but excluding costs of mailing and handling.)
  • the Holy Scripture memory program including FREE - downloadable printed Memory Scriptures [ with explanation of meanings] and directions for personal use in redeeming the time by "hiding God's word in our hearts so that we do not sin";
  • the weekly Sunday morning, Bible Class, the Campus Bible Class, is open to the public in the greater Baton Rouge, La area and is taught by lay teachers skilled in the study and interpretation of God's Word. (See Schedule of Speakers)
  • Additionally, the RBC has offer for purchase a DVD seminary level course (27 DVDs- one hour each) on Interpreting the Bible, (Hermeneutics) in a DVD protective case taken from the actual seminary classroom being taught by Dr. Earl Radmacher, the General Editor of the New King James Study Bible published by Thomas Nelson which includes a CD with work book materials. A great work for Elder/Pastor training as well as general lay edification and encouragement.
The Campus Bible Class is a weekly free 45-minute class held each Sunday from 9:15 a.m. -10:00 a.m. The Campus Bible Study is open to the general public in the greater Baton Rouge area and taught is by knowledgeable lay teachers from the text of the Holy Scriptures. The teaching is expository (i.e. verse by verse) given in a casual yet reverent atmosphere that promotes fellowship, education and feeding centered on the Word of God; time for questions following the presentation is allowed. The timing of this class has been established so that class members may attend denominational church services later, as they may desire. The Campus Bible Class meets on the Louisiana State University Agriculture Campus in the One Burden Conference Center (Rural Life Museum) located at 4560 Essen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA. Click here for directions. Dr. Kalivoda (1922-2013) has led this teaching over the years encouraged and mentored other Christian laymen who also now teach the class. (See Schedule of Speakers)

RBC carefully stewards the financial and other resources gifted to it by God through cheerful, voluntary and unsolicited givers. After regular review of the established and proven ministries below as well as RBC's available financial resources, RBC may increase/decrease amounts given or add/delete ministries from the list. The RBC presently is a financial and encouraging supporter of the following Christian ministries:

Voice of Martyrs missionary organization is a non-profit, interdenominational organization with a vision for aiding Christians around the world who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ. For more specific information and current view please go to

The Cutting Edge Foundation is a medical missionary ministry which has built and is expanding a hospital in Chad in central africa Africa. This effort is directed by Dr. Bert Oubre, M.D., a former member of the RBC Campus Bible Class. For more specific information and current view please go to

LAMB Ministries (Labourers About The Master's Business International, Inc. ) is a Christian, evangelistic, Bible centered ministry guided in its thinking, planning with the clear purpose of outreach. Those constantly involved in this is very active ministry literally touch the very lives of both the youth and their families in the New Orleans areas that are and have been darkness. Rev. Hy McEnery and his wife Libba (nee Jeffers) lead the team of volunteers in this effort. Libba was a constant attendee of the RBC Sunday Bible Class until moving to New Orleans where she and her late husband promptly opened their home to RBC weekly teaching for more than three years initially. For more specific information and current view please go to

Teaching Recommendations for the downloadable tapes
We recommend that all teaching begins with "Understanding the New Testament". This exciting course is unmatched in providing biblical understanding! People who have experienced just the first of the ten tapes have said, "Why didn't I hear this in church?" This course is a biblical treat. You will hear the Christian faith presented as never before, and it will change your orientation both to God and to the Bible. This course emphasizes the distinction between the two religions of the Bible, Judaism and Christianity. It will challenge you to re-examine the commonly held concepts that Christianity began with the birth of Jesus Christ, that Christianity is a supplement to Judaism, that the Ten Commandments are the basis for Christian behavior and that James taught that faith and good works together save the sinner. No tape course or book contains this unique material! Developed by Nick Kalivoda as a short course at Louisiana State University, these 15 hours of teaching give spiritual understanding and unfold a refreshing approach to the inspired Word of God. They give insight into the major biblical ages "which God has fixed," the promises of a kingdom, the meaning of faith, the law of love, and how to live by grace. It is Understanding the New Testament that assists and prepares you to have a Biblical basis in understanding the intent and reasons presented by the writers of the new testament books.

Current Weekday Radio Bible Course Broadcasts:
7:45 a.m. (CST) on WSHO New Orleans - 800 KHz AM
7:45 a.m. (CST) on KWDF Alexandria - 840 KHz AM
8:00 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. (CST) Mobile - 1270 KHz AM
7:45-8:00 am (CST) on KIOU Shreveport - 1480 KHz AM

Internet on stream Broadcasts: 7:45 a.m. (CST)

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