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    The below are FREE materials for download. These FREE materials are not for re-sale but may be gifted to others. Study Materials to Purchase/Order

      DVD Course
      In the seminary classroom with the Hermeneutics Course taught by by Dr. Earl Radmacher, General Editor of Thomas Nelson NKJV Study Bible...What the Bible means by what it says!

      Hermeneutics Course (Bible Interpretation)
      By Dr. Earl D. Radmacher
      The Radio Bible Course, Ltd.
      Presents Western Seminary Heritage Series

      $150.00 USD

      The price of these always current Bible study interpretation DVD's includes technical support and costs of mailing.

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      Cassette tape materials and the single CD contain the same teachings found on the FREE downloads noted above but are delivered on cassette tapes or on the single CD.

      About Teaching Tapes

      The cassette tapes described here were prepared to help give insight into the God-given Scriptures. They include both topical and expository teaching. All are quality audio tapes, 45-minutes on each side. These tapes come in an attractive vinyl album for bookshelf storage and may be ordered individually. Prices include the album and tax.

      CD (MP3 format only) All of the teachings on tape are also available on CDs, but only in the MP3 format which requires an MP3 player. The teaching on all cassette albums of a single book have been transferred to a single CD for a cost $10.00 (includes tax). For example all five volumes of John's Gospel are on a single CD.


      Understanding The New Testament
      This topic was first taught as a non-credit short course at Louisiana State University, this ten-tape series (15 hours) has helped readers to make sense out of the Bible. It identifies divine programs set forth in the Bible, emphasizing living by grace in contrast to life under O.T. bondage, from which Christ has set us free.

      By comparing the Bible's two religions of Judaism and the Christianity, this course is a reminder that "although all Scripture is for us, all Scripture is not to us." No tape course or book contains this exciting and edifying material.

      You will learn how Christ's superior law of love enables a believer to fulfill the Old Testament law. This series will release you to live for God with thanksgiving, joy and peace!

      Please note that our CD's are in MP3 format, and as such will play on computers, stand-alone CD players with MP3 capability and most newer car stereos; and they can be uploaded to iPods, iPhones, iPads and similar devices. However MP3 CD's will likely not play on older car stereos nor home stereos.

      Ten (10) Cassette Tapes $38
      Single CD MP3 $10

      Marriage and Divorce
      This exposition of I Corinthians ch. 7 will bring comfort to many who are struggling with guilt over divorce and remarriage as they consider this biblical interpretation that overthrows the common judgment of adultery.

      Four (4) Cassette Tapes $18
      $10 for MP3 single CD

      Principles of Interpretation
      This illuminating course demonstrates how difficult Bible passages are resolved by employing sound rules of interpretation. You will learn the value of context in discovering what the Bible means by "faith without works is dead," "falling from grace," and much more.

      Six (6) Tapes $23
      Single CD MP3 $10

      Understanding Prayer
      After hearing this biblical instruction on prayer, you will come to realize that few people pray as the Apostles did, and that many of our prayers selfishly seek more things and comfort for ourselves. This series will help you to pray as a servant of God. Your prayers will be different after hearing this stimulating discussion of biblical prayer.

      Four (4) Tapes $18
      $10 for MP3 single CD

      Principles of Evangelism
      This is not a personal evangelism course. Instead you will gain understanding about how God saves the lost and you will receive insight to appreciate what God has already done through the cross of Christ to save every who believes.

      After learning these principles you will be better equipped to present the good news of grace/faith salvation.
      Eight (8) Tapes $29
      $10 for MP3 single CD

      The Authority of the Bible
      What did Jesus believe about creation, the flood, Cain and Abel, and Jonah? Did Moses write the first five books of the Bible? This hard-hitting course explains what Jesus believed about the accuracy and the inspiration of the Bible and it explains why we can be certain that the entire Bible came from God.
      Six (6) Tapes $23
      $10 for MP3 single CD

      Baptisms of the Bible
      This is an historic study of the meaning of the word baptism as expressed in the writings of classical and first century Greek and Jewish writers. This study will cause every listener to be less dogmatic about the "right way" to baptize, and it will demonstrate by biblical passages how we have wrongly assigned a single meaning to the word baptism.

      Six (6) Tapes $23
      $10 for MP3 single CD

      Bible expository Teaching Tapes
      Tape Cost
      Acts I (12 tapes, ch 1-9)$42
      Acts II (12 tapes, ch 10-17) $42
      Acts III (12 tapes, ch 18-28) $42
      Acts ch 1-28 (MP3 single CD) $10

      Colossians (11 tapes) $39
      Colossians (MP3 single CD) $10

      I Corinthians I (12 tapes, ch 1-6) $42
      I Corinthians II (12 tapes, ch 6-11) $42
      I Corinthians III (12 tapes, ch 11-16) $42
      I Corinthians ch 1-16 (MP3 single CD) $10

      Gifts of the Spirit (7 Tapes, 1 Cor, ch 12-14) $26
      Gifts of the Spirit (MP3 single CD) $10

      II Corinthians I (12 tapes, ch 1-8) $42
      II Corinthians II (12 tapes, ch 8-14) $42
      II Corinthians ch 1-14 (MP3 single CD) $10

      Daniel I (12 tapes, ch 1-9) $42
      Daniel II (8 tapes, ch 10-12) $29
      Daniel ch 1-12 (MP3 single CD) $10

      Ephesians (10 tapes) $36
      Ephesians (MP3 single CD) $10

      Galatians (12 tapes) $42
      Galatians (MP3 single CD) $10

      Hebrews I (12 tapes, ch1-8) $42
      Hebrews II (12 tapes , ch 9-13) $42
      Hebrews ch 1-13 (MP3 single CD) $10

      James (10 tapes) $36
      James (MP3 single CD) $10

      John's Epistles (12 tapes) $42
      John's Epistles (MP3 single CD) $10

      John's Gospel Highlights (12 tapes) $42
      John's Gospel Highlights (MP3 single CD) $10

      John's Gospel I (12 tapes, ch 1-5:18) $42
      John's Gospel II (12 tapes, ch 5:19-9.4) $42
      John's Gospel III (12 tapes, ch 9:5-13:38) $42
      John's Gospel IV (12 tapes), ch 14-18) $42
      John's Gospel V (12 tapes, ch 19-21) $42
      John's Gospel ch 1-21 (MP3 single CD) $10

      Jude (4 tapes) $18
      Jude (MP3 single CD) $10

      Peter's First Epistle (8 tapes) $29
      Peter's First Epistle (MP3 single CD) $10

      Philippians (8 tapes) $29
      Philippians (MP3 single CD) $10

      Romans I (12 tapes, ch 1-5) $42
      Romans II (12 tapes, ch 6-11) $42
      Romans III (12 tapes, ch 12-16) $42
      Romans ch 1-16 (MP3 single CD) $10

      Thessalonians Epistles (8 tapes) $29
      Thessalonians Epistles (MP3 single CD) $10

      I Timothy (11 tapes) $39
      I Timothy (MP3 single CD) $10

      II Timothy (8 tapes) $29
      II Timothy (MP3 single CD) $10

      Titus (6 tapes) $23
      Titus (MP3 single CD) $10

      Revelation I (12 tapes ) $42
      Revelation II (10 tapes) $36
      Revelation (MP3 single CD) $10

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