Bible Teaching Memory Program

Welcome to the Bible Memory Teaching Program. The cards shown on this page include verses which every believer in Christ should know and store in his/her memory for assurance of their peace, and to enable those persons to help others. On the back side of each of the 32 cards are clarifying comments and helpful notes to insure that you won't miss the major truth of the verse or the meaning intended by its context. A passage of Scripture means only what its context permits it to mean.


The Secret of Success

This program is for busy people for those who have little space time. Its success depends on capturing minutes lost when waiting, walking or traveling. Do not use "good study" time for learning or reviewing verses. That approach will defeat you. Instead use minutes that are now wasted. In general, people let valuable minutes slip away, lost forever. Those are moments you can redeem for your life with God.

The passages from God's word are designed to be cut/detached to a size that easily fit into one's pocket or purse. Separate them from the sheet as learned and always carry at least one with you. Reach for it when waiting, whether in line at the cashier, at the stop light or in the doctor's office. Some people memorize and review verses while cooking, or feeding the baby. Some men memorize while shaving. Such practices enable you to "redeem the time".

How to Remember

You will retain a memorized verse if you review it often. We suggest a month in order to fix in your mind. Carry the cards with you and review in lost time. Soon you will be able to recall many of them without referring to the cards. After 30 days of review, a verse might be reviewed only once a week for permanent retention. For extended use of these passages, memorize the references well.


This program is a gift from Radio Bible Courses, Ltd., an independent Bible-teaching ministry supported by friends, class students and radio/Internet listeners. Gifts are tax-deductible in the United States.

PUBLIC INVITED (in the greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana area)

RBC also conducts a Sunday morning Bible class at 9:15 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the Burden Center, located on the LSU agricultural campus at 4560 Essen Lane, (off ramp for Essen Lane on the south side of Interstate 10).


  • Download Teaching Memory Cards >> 
  • Teaching Memory Cards are to be printed on 8.5 x 14 paper or perforated 8.5 x 14 card stock 
  • Print cards front and back as allowed or instructed by your individual printer
  • Cut/separate and/or trim along grey lines shown to separate each memory verse with it's reverse side explanation.

If for any reason you are not able to download the main sheets or print these sheets double sided properly matched, pleased use the Order Form and request that we mail the materials to you (payment methods and costs of mailing and handling are quoted on the Order Form). 

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