General information

 Radio Bible Courses, Ltd.  is an independent ministry (service) of Christian laypersons supported by their unsolicited donations for the purposes:

  • of teaching and equipping Christians in the interpretation,  understanding and/or application of God's Holy revelations found in His  Holy Scriptures, the Bible;  
  • of teaching the need and the art of evangelism from the Holy  Scriptures, i.e. the defining and teaching the gospel of GRACE in Christ  Jesus by faith alone;  
  • of providing a locally based meeting and fellowship for those who have a keen interest in the study of the Holy Scriptures; 
  • as a steward of the givings to RBC to invest and provide  financial assistance to those suffering need spiritually and physically  through other established and proven Christian ministries.  

RBC is a not- for-profit corporate organization located in Baton Rouge,  Louisiana; it was duly created under the laws of the State of Louisiana  in 1986 and remains in good standing under these laws.  RBC is  administered by an independent Board of Directors and their selected  Officers; its operations function totally with volunteers; there are no  paid employees, etc.  All officers, directors and other volunteers in  this ministry (service) choose to serve without pay or any other  financial remuneration or benefits.  RBC makes no solicitations for  funds and is totally supported by friends, class members, listeners and  bequeaths.  All gifts to the RBC are tax deductible.  

THE BEGINNING History - Dr. Nick Kalivoda (1922-2013) is the founder of this independent Bible teaching and equipping  ministry located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  It began with members of  Dr. Kalivoda's local church Bible class suggesting that his clear  teachings would benefit others beyond the class. With their voluntary  and unsolicited financial support for the costs for its initial 15-  minute radio broadcasting of expository teaching of the New Testament  the seeds of Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. were sown and it grew. The radio  portion of Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. reached central Louisiana, New  Orleans and other areas along the Gulf Coast, Texas to Florida and is  now on Internet broadcasting.  

The teaching portion of Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. began with Dr.  Kalivoda in 1976, when he began offering to the Baton Rouge community at  large courses on the Bible and Bible Archeology through the Louisiana  State University Division of Continuing Education. Upon his retirement  from the University and upon the official formation of the Radio Bible  Courses, Ltd. in 1986, these popular courses and the attendees coupled  with the continuing radio ministry teachings became the core of what is  the Radio Bible Courses, Ltd. teaching and equipping ministry.

Later, as blessed with continuing unsolicited givings, RBC began to  financially support other proven and matured ministries which championed  evangelism, growth in THE FAITH, and care for the physical as well as  spiritual needs others especially those believers around the world who  suffer for their faith in the risen Christ.